It’s Football season…Real Football — 3 Comments

  1. There is something strange on your computery machine if Farcebook hogs resources. It’s a Web application so once you close that tab then as far as your machine is concerned, it doesn’t exist any more.

    I currently have fourteen tabs open in Waterfox/Firefox and my machine is running like the clappers. Even worse, I just discovered one of the tabs is into Farcebook [that was a mistake – probably Herself send something for me to “like”]. What ad blockers are you using as a matter of interest?

  2. When I log out of FB it takes me to a page showing me my profile picture and tells me to just click it to log back in. I go about my business and then click the bookmark to go to FB and I am returned to this page but there is a little red number on my profile pic telling me how many notifications I have. Now if it’s not running in the background how does it know how many notifications I have?
    I use AdBlock Plus for my Advert blocker.

  3. When you return to the page, it reloads the counter but that’s all. The notifications, messages or whatever it’s flagging aren’t loaded until you view them. It’s much the same as the yoke I have on my sidebar giving latest posts. Nothing will update there until the page is reloaded.

    Try dumping AdBlock and install uBlock Origin. I find it’s much better.