Social Justice — 1 Comment

  1. People who use the term social justice generally mean sharing arund more evenly life’s educational, money-earning and daily comforts opportunities. We don’t all start at the same starting line. Some of us have severe physical and mental handicaps.
    social justice seekers have ranged from fair-play meritocrats to Chinese and Soviet state-grabs-all socialists. In between are various configurations of conservatives and liberals and liberal conservatives. You can’t measure social justice because its connection to social happiness is vague and unmeasurable. The high tax-paying Swedes have an enviable welfare state (which they pay for) but Swedish society has its social ills, an obvious one being irredeemable tedium and patches of severe alcohol dependence. Ireland, by contrast, is riddled with social injustice, corruption and institutional incompetence. Yet, according to published international surveys, the Irish are among the happiest nations of the world. Maybe to keep up our national happiness ratings we need to solve our social bottlenecks ever so slowly eh?