No Smoking Update — 6 Comments

  1. One word of warning about those nicotine patches – they are costly and have a poor track record. I found the best way was to just keep telling myself that i was a non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker. An ex-smoker can convince himself that it is safe to sneak a quick puff but a non-smoker wouldn’t! Sounds kind of daft, but it worked for me.

    Thanks for the mention. ‘Twas a pleasure! Incidentally I changed the name of my site from “The Other Fellow” to “A Pipe and a Keyboard” as the first didn’t make much sense. The new name doesn’t make much sense either but it makes more sense that the old one.

    Damn! Now I’m confusing myself again….

  2. Richard, The doctor didn’t have any samples of the nicotine patches and they are too expensive. I’m not going to buy them. I can understand how they help with the lessening of nicotine in my system while I work on the psychological addiction. Also the two links to A Pipe and a Keyboard are to

  3. Sure anything that helps has to be good I suppose?! From experience, I think the biggest problem with cigarettes is the habit – you know how you have to have the smoke with a coffee or whatever. Breaking the pattern of lighting up at a particular time or event is an all important trick.

    I saw you had the correct web address. [thanks, again]. It’ just a little confusing arriving at a site and finding it isn’t called what you thought. Incidentally, the reason I finally changed the name was because Google seemed to blacklist the old domain, though they hotly denied it. Strange though that Google searches just suddenly ceased and only came back when I changed the domain? Hah!

  4. I caved on the whole quitting thing too.

    Sweet people tell me that I deserve a wee luxury such as rollies are, but my hefty morning-cough tell me I’d better watch out or my kids will be motherless. Nicotine is a very clever drug.

    I don’t know what to do. A friend-type person tried a hypnotist seven months ago… he sneaked a quick drag off someone about 3 months into quitting and promptly threw up. He doesn’t have any idea why he ever smoked in the first place.

    Interesting… if you can afford it.

  5. Keep on trying, Brian. You’ll eventually kick it. I’ll take a hit off a cigarette every once and a while at a party and wonder later why I did it. If you can kick the ritualistic habit of smoking, you’ll have it in the bag.

  6. Richard, K8, JD,
    I made it a whole week without smoking. My downfall was running into a friend whom I bummed a smoke from afterwards which I couldn’t stand it and went and bought a pack. That was last Saturday. Today is Wednesday and I have one pack left. When it’s gone I’m jumping in again. Getting by the third and fourth day is the tipping point. I can do this as long as I don’t have even one smoke. Quitting drinking was no big deal. I stopped drinking. The end! There was no withdrawl or cravings or anything like that. I now know once I quit I can never have “just one”. This time I’ll do it!