The (Re)Birth of a Blog — 16 Comments

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  2. Bloody hell!! So Ron is still around? I thought I had killed him?

    So he saved your site from a fate worse than death? He was of some use to society after all.

    I expect to see a lot more activity here from now on……….

  3. I hear Ron’s been very busy acting as the Easter Bunny’s stunt double lately… I’m glad to hear he’s back to his old tricks again. That flamethrower debacle had me worried.

  4. Grandad, Apparently you got him good. He spent almost 6 months in hospital. You’ll see I’m back to blogging.
    K8, Ron thinks he’s getting too old for the Easter Bunny Stunt Double gig. Oh and as to the Flamethrower thing, he didn’t want to talk about his time in China.
    JD, WooHoo!