It’s all in the details — 3 Comments

  1. I will agree that some of these items don’t seem very important, and could very well be referred to as “pork”, especially the PMA group items, but you have a couple of facts wrong here.

    #1: These items aren’t in the “stimulus” bill. From Sen. McCains tweet of 1:08PM 02/26 – “TOP TEN PORKIEST PROJECTS in the Omnibus Spending bill the Congress is about to pass”. This is the BUDGET bill for the next 6 months (not the Stimulus package), created and introduced by Congress, not the White House.

    #2: Our President didn’t put these items in the budget, they were all added by the Congresspeople from wherever the $$ is going (i.e., the rep or senator from Albany GA got the “Totally Teen Zone” added to the list, etc., etc.). If you make a good enough pitch (or donate enough support) to one of your Congresspeople, you could get a pet project added yourself! Therefore, blaming Pres. Obama for these items is WRONG.

    #3: Not all of these items are bad ideas, for example, I just googled one item and came up with this:
    The Sun Grant Initiative is a national network of land-grant universities and federally funded laboratories working together to further establish a biobased economy.

    These institutes are at the forefront of research and innovation involving bioenergy and biofuels production. They have the history, technology and resources available to lead the nation towards a renewable, sustainable, domestic energy industry.

    Sun Grant Centers are also charged with reviving America’s farming communities by placing an emphasis on rural economic development through the production of biobased renewable energy feedstocks.
    Now that sounds like something good to put our $$ into. JMHO….peace.

  2. Julie,
    Welcome! You are absolutly correct and I stand corrected. I was under the impression that it was the Stimulus Bill. I’ll correct that.
    I was fully expecting someone to pick their favorite bit-O-pork and defend it. I’m going to take your accounting of the Sun Grant Initiative as correct and say that I’m not one to put my food into my gas tank! I thought that arguement was settled awhile ago. Food prices have skyrocketed for a number of reasons one being that corn as well as its ‘chaf’ are being used for bio-fuel. What sense does it make to use our basic foodstuffs for fuel? If we want more energy products then we need to be allowed to go get them where they are already! Places like Alaska and off the shores of our land…but NO the demoncrat left-wing in conjunction with the enviro-whackos have nailed that shut. We need to reverse that insanity and go after the natural resources we have. Lets develope solar energy and wind energy. I’m all for that. I would much prefer to have a couple of windmills and not have to pay the electric company their blood money every month. But, by damn it, if I want to burn dinosaur oil or coal to heat my house I should be able to do it without gub’mint intervention in the way of overly intrusive regulation and taxation.

  3. F*ck me! That’s a lot of pork and really just the tip of the iceberg.

    Here’s a few more from

    Mormon Crickets, Utah Bennett
    Sidewalk Construction in Ashland & Cherryland, CA Lee
    Everybody Wins! LaHood
    Tattoo removal program in Mission Hills, CA Berman
    Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY Cubin
    Theater renovation, Merced, CA Cardoza
    Totally Teen Zone, Albany, GA Bishop, Chambliss
    National History Day Several Lawmakers
    Ronald Reagan Parkway, Boone County, IN Buyer
    Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation Allen, Snowe, Collins
    Build a school sidewalk, Franklin, TX Edwards (TX)
    George Eastman House, Rochester, NY Slaughter, Schumer
    Versailles Borough Stray Gas Mitigation Doyle (PA)
    Wayne Gomes Youth Baseball Diversity Foundation Scott
    Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY Nadler
    Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate, Boston, MA Kerry, Byrd, Harkin, Durbin, Mikulski, Dodd
    Bus and Bus Facilities, Lawrence, KS Moore, Roberts
    Montana World Trade Center Rehberg
    Wood Education and Resource Center President, Byrd
    Lemon Street Reconstruction and Enhancements, FL Bilirakis
    FDR Presidential Library renovation Gillibrand, Reid, Schumer
    LBJ Presidential Library Hutchison
    JFK Presidential Library Markey, Lynch, Kerry
    GoGirlGo! Boston, MA Capuano, Kennedy, Kerry
    Kansas Farm Bureau, Manhattan, KS Brownback
    John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts