My High Tech Life — 4 Comments

  1. I’m doing good.
    I am not nearly financially secure enough or intoxicated enough to make me entirely happy, but you know, you can’t have everything you want .

    I took a break from blogging and sometimes you just need to.
    I pretty much put myself out there, holding back very little, and I didn’t really feel like sharing myself during my emotional crisis.

    Glad to see you back and I too like to eat pizza but only after I have set fire to something by throwing it in my fireplace.

  2. It it me or has 24 gotten extremely cheesy? No offense but I do be itching for the bad guy to blow up some Americans, just to make a change from the acting. Seriously, did they get the CTU Chief out of a cereal packet or what?

  3. Hi BG!
    I’m with you on the no money and not enough beer.
    I took a break away from here also. I had some medical problems and then turned off the internet to save some bucks but it’s now back on and so am I
    I really have enjoyed your recent posts!
    I’m kinda’ diggin’ the new 24, except for Janeane Garofolo. He’s goin’ after more realistic bad guys. Not all bad guys are Muslim Extremists but I still would like to see some good old fashioned bombs blowin’ up.
    10 hours on Saturday and 12 today. I got the Domain controller working right and the F&P server finally connected to the domain and shared correctly. I did some major league reconfiguring of the Linux based firewalls and every thing is working correctly.
    Tomorrow I get to connect all the users to the new network. UGH!
    Now I get to have a glass of Bourbon and go back to work at 0700 tomorrow.