I’m back…spasmotically but back nonetheless — 4 Comments

  1. Were you away?

    Are you seriously voting for that nutcase from Alaska? You realise she will be president when the old fossil kicks it?

  2. Yes Grandad. i was away for a bit but now I’m back, sort of, part time-ish, ya’ know.
    And YES I love Sarah Palin!!!
    She is the antithesis of EVERYONE in Washington DC politics and probably London and Dublin too. She is just a regular everyday working class mom who through being involved in her local government became governor of our largest state (by land mass but I believe it has the fewest people).
    So to answer your question, do I like her, I respond….You Betcha’

  3. Sarah Palin hunts moose, spears catfish, and can strangle a polar bear with her bare hands….One hell of a wooman! 🙂

    Glad to see you back, Brian. Go Phillies!