The PA State Smoking Ban — 6 Comments

  1. The zealots will be back next year to eliminate any exemptions. Just follow what they are doing in Colorado. Casinos were removed from the exemption, although ONE casino is exempt, and they are crying foul as it attracting a lot of customers away from the other casinos. They are trying to get legislators to ban smoking there too, anyway they can. The next (and only) exemption is the bars at Denver airport for travelers who are transferring flights, and they are trying to eliminate that one also. They will badger lawmakers endlessy until ALL smoking is eliminated. Think closly before investing large sums of money into patios or improved ventilation systems. In Chicago, even bars that fully comply with the strict ventilation codes are banned from smoking. Draconian bans are creating too much hassle, so it’s probaby easier to nibble away exemptions slowly through time using “divide and conquer” tactics where some groups are against the exempted groups.

  2. The big question is, did they finally start setting limits on the size of small animals people are allowed to smoke?

    Wait, I think maybe I’m getting different state laws confused now…

  3. I’m happy the law was passed but I’m glad you still get to smoke in comfortable surrounds – fair point on voting with your feet. I’m the worst kind of non-smoker (an ex smoker!)

  4. Ah Ha! Bob, bud something tells me you are as politically incorrect as I am. Well good for you!! Dood, I am with you more than you know. My basic attitudte is that any smoking ban is Horse Hockey!
    Katey, Are you saying I can now no longer pick off squirrels and rabbits to make my “squab stew, because they’re too small?

  5. Over here, they used employee health & safety legislation to ban smoking. The argument is that workers, including bar staff, shouldn’t have to breathe cigarette smoke and therefore smoking is banned in all work-places. This includes bars and restaurants. The only exemptions are prisons, psychiatric hospitals and old folks’ homes.

  6. Personal and Constitutional freedoms have been attacked once more by uncaring and out of touch hypacritical politicians in Pa. and other states . Nobody said he was lesser of a human being after surviving D -day and the Battle of the Buldge because he smoked. Dad was my hero, and if the men that came back would have had this smoking ban happen in 1946. They would have cleaned up this country of communist ,natzi self serving politicians both state and federal.I never wanted to be taken care of from cradle to grave by government. But I have always loved the USA and its peaple and the Freedom and the constitusional rights of Americans.