The PA state smoking ban….maybe — 8 Comments

  1. I think smoking should be banned everywhere, even in private houses.

    I suppose you know that the EU tried to introduce a ban in their headquarters but they was a rebellion? They decided the ban was unworkable, but are still trying to force every country in the EU to introduce the Irish style laws. Beat that for hypocrisy!!

  2. Dude. I’m with grandad.
    Smoking is bad for everyone, the people wasting their money on it, and everyone human and animal around them.. it has zero benefit to anyone. Plus it stinks to high heaven. I’d rather eat in a cow pasture then in a restaurant full of smokers. Seriously. The thing with Philly? Just one more reason to stay out of that town.
    Sorry if you’re a fan, since moving to just east of tarnation, I’m done with “big cities”.

  3. Hello Brian,thanks for editing the name and for your inspiring comments.I am glad you continue to read my blog.Thanks so much for the support.

    As for smoking,it’s high time it is banned all over the world,at least in public places.

  4. Grandad, Please remind me to waggle my finger at you next I see you!!!

    To Jen and Sameera…Grandad smokes a pipe!!! He was joking!!!

    Jen, I am SO with you when it come to cities. I am no longer an urban person. give me a small town or the country and I’ll be a happy happy boy.

    Sameera, I have to disagree completely with you. I didn’t mind the ban on smoking in restaurants in Dubai but that is about as far as I’m going to go. BTW, smokes were WAY cheap in Dubai as opposed to the EU or even here in the US. My saving grace are the Indian reservations who make and sell very high quality smokes at a price 1/4 of commercial brands.
    It’s my choice to smoke and yours to not.
    BTW Sameera, if perchance you get to the corner of Mankhoul and Kuwait in Bur Dubai and you were to take a photo of The Grind in the Al Manazel Building… I woild really dig it. You see my camera died while I was there and I have no pics of my favorite cafe.

  5. Brianf, – “It’s my choice to smoke and yours to not” – but i shouldn’t have to breath your second hand smoke my friend 🙂

  6. Hi Quickroute, Welcome!
    I won’t go on and on about the conflicting science on second hand smoke but instead I’ll ask you to vote with your feet like I do. I have more than once walked into both taverns and restaurants, asked for an ashtray and when I was told it was a no-smoking business, I left.
    Now like i said above I don’t have a problem with a restaurant being no-smoking most of the time so just vote with your cash-money and don’t go to a restaurant that allows smoking.
    K8, I’m hoping that the anti-smoking Stazi don’t screw it up and disallow smoking at my Legion. Unfortunately that is the best I can hope for in this age of the nanny state.
    Oh and K8…..that link had me ROTFLMAO!!!!
    Thanks! 🙂

  7. Suffering second hand smoke is like breathing hate and nails. Nails for how my throat feels, and hate for the complete lack of consideration towards others. However, I support the property rights of a business owner. They should have the last word regarding behavior in their establishment, including smoking. Don’t like it? Don’t work there. Don’t buy their stuff. It’s pretty simple, and is the only fair way to handle this within a free country.