Memorial Day Weekend — 11 Comments

  1. Call it rosemary rather than the abomination that is oregano and i’m over like yours for foil parcels and the smell of gresh freen grass like a shot.

    Danica raaaaaawks!

  2. Oooh hey I remember watching Jamie Oliver do fish in foil… Go catch yourself a Trout, then gut him and rub salt all over him. Wrappalize him with loads of fresh ‘erbs and leave him to stew! I’m hungry.

    Did Munster win? So ashamed I don’t know but there you are…

  3. <p>Sam, I forgot garlic. Garlic goes in there also. Ok, now Danica may be a half assed….err I mean a good IRL driver but in every interview I have ever seen with her she came across as a snobby, mean, little girl who can barely be arsed to be interviewed.<br />
    Hey! The other thing is I have grown, for a bunch of years now, Italian, Curly and Greek Oregano. At the end of each season I mix them together in such a way, my way and my mix is pretty good, if I say so myself.<br/>
    K8, I have a fishy-fish poacherator long pan thing with a rack and a lid and everything. A trout sounds yummy. I may go fishin’.<br />
    Munster 16<br />
    Some french guys 13<br />
    The RTE internet radio broadcast was pretty funny with the fans in the background swearing at the team from time to time.</p>

  4. Ah sure France was bound Toulouse. *sigh* Sorry, bin watching too much Scooby-Doo.

  5. Your celebration sounds awesome.. and i do the foil packet thing too.. just different ingredients here, and my grill never goes into stroage…. the fair climate allows, enourages even year round grillin’.

    My dads a veteran, and his service is just one of many things I owe to him.


  6. K8, yes, it was Toulouse. It really was a great game. Toulouse was tough but Munster pulled it out and both teams played a great game.
    AbVan, both of yous’ are invited anytime. Tell me when and I’ll make up the spare room.
    Jen, Thank you for your kind words. It was a fun weekend. You reminded me that when I was a Boy Scout we called them, “Foil Fire Packets” or FFP’s. Ha! Anyways between Friday night when I wrote the post and Sunday when I actually made them the ingedients changed a bit. Mine ended up being Hot Italian Sausage, snap peas, broccoli heads, new spuds, vidalia onions, chopped celery, whole cherry tomatos, my oregano mix, Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning and a big hunk of butter. The too too cool thing was that after it was all done I served it on a bed of Basmati rice. Man was it good!!!
    Then today I went over to my sister Trisha’s house to spend Decoration Day with her family. I had a blast hanging with the teenagers, playing badmitten and listening to music.

  7. Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning should be used in everything! We have a huge round container on hand at all times. In my “foil bag surprise” I use kielbasa. Add a separate bag containing garlic toast and this dinner makes the world go ’round.

  8. Sugar Britches, Tony’s does goes on EVERYTHING!!!
    As it should be. Ha!
    OK, ten points goes to anyone who can explain why I used the picture I did for Decoration Day weekend?
    Better yet! Please explain to me what’s odd or better yet what’s “purple” about that photo?
    Ha! I gonna’ bet dollars to navy beans that nobody gets it.