I am outraged — 10 Comments

  1. You gave the reason yourself. You said “then I have the right to use ANY force needed to foil that attack“.

    In this country the law states you may only use reasonable force, but they don’t define what that is. A judge could decide that looking at a mugger cross-eyed was undue force and lock you up.

    Brian D’s account of kneeing him in the head would be enough to show that undue force was used, as the bloke had already been disarmed.

    It’s insane, but that’s the way the law works in this Nanny State country.

  2. Did the guy have any previous convictions? He said he hadn’t been in a fight “in several months” which doesn’t sound too great.

    On the other hand, all bets are off when you pull a knife on a person. The scabby wee switchblade thug deserved a good thrashing. What a bold crew too, right outside the blooming GPO! It boggles the mind what some people feel no compunction about doing.

  3. He had two prior assault charges outstanding so I guess they threw the book at him. He’s no angel Brian. I’m impressed by the swiftness of the Irish judicial system tho! Would have taken months to convict him here.

  4. Where does he say heis in jail ? What sentence imposed on the guy? Are you making shit up or what ?

  5. OK I see. Still, sounds a little suspicious. Although the principle of outrage sounds fair enough.

  6. Hmm, I think Granddad’s point is well made. Anyone doing that here would have landed up in jail as well. In SA you may not shoot your attacker even if he is armed with a firearm, if you shoot and kill, you will go to jail for manslaughter or murder, no questions asked. You may not attack, unless you are attacked – yeah, I know, go figure. Given the crime rate in SA this gives one some serious pause for thought.

    I think the clincher in Brian’s case is the final kick to the guy’s head. It wasn’t necessary – the guy was down, the others had scarpered. One has to learn to contain the rage, no matter the indignation. Of course, it’s a damned side easier said than done when the adrenalin is rushing like that.

  7. Crickey! I reckon I best be careful! I’ve been wondering why he’s not been in contact with me. Now I know! Yikes!!!

  8. HOLY SHIT! thats not on! typical irish law though, the gardai are afraid of their lives to go against the scumbags and would rather defend and back them up instead OMG! thats so stupid, im outraged and I dont even know this person!! AHHHHH!!! it makes me so ashamed to call myself irish in the state of the justice here, and trust me I know Im from limerick! not the city but county and even from there I know the lack of Gardai initiative, they would pull an ordinary Joe for Tax and pat a known criminal on the back! jesus! Best of luck to our boy tho, if the Judge has even a single brain cell he will see the logic in what had to happen! I know id do it to defend myself and my friends and im a sissy girl and a coward at that but not when family and friends are in danger, that wont happen on my watch!

  9. Incredible story – I guess he should have called the police first. I’d have been like him and thought “lesson learned” and walked away.