My used DVD store rocks!!! — 5 Comments

  1. I rarely buy DVD’s although they’re cheap if you buy the ‘used’ ones from Blockbuster. Hire a lot though . . . there’s no James Bond like Connery to my mind

  2. AbVan, I just did a quick search about her. Very interesting lady, she is.
    Technogirly, A bunch of the DVD’s I buy for $6 still have the blockbuster sticker on them offering them for sale for $15 or $16.
    For years I would have agreed with you about Sean Connery but a few years ago I decided to watch all the Bond movies I had at the time in order. Here are my thoughts on the eight actors who have played 007.
    Barry Nelson, I have never seen the 1956 Casino Royale.
    Sean Connery, the yardstick of which all Bond actors will be judged.
    George Lazenby, Great up there with Connery.
    Roger Moore, I use to call him Bond-lite but the more I re-watch his movies the more I really like him as Bond, James Bond.
    Timothy Dalton, sucked!
    Pierce Brosnan, I liked him as Bond but the flicks were way over the top in SFX and that, to me, detracted from all of them.
    David Niven, Casino Royale 1967. I haven’t seen it in 30 years so I can’t really comment.
    The new guy, I like the newest Casino Royale. By the end of the flick I thought he was OK. The next Bond movie will tell.

  3. yeaaaahhh rockin, im a bond fan 🙂 unusual for a gal I know, but I really like james bond, even Daniel craig, and not many like him but I think he did a great job and we get to see the vunerable side of bond in it, lookin forward to The Quantum Of Solice, but I think the name sucks! 🙂

  4. I think the used dvd market is bigger than the new one now. Much like with cds. Every self respecting man has a james bond collection. I also managed to find goldfinger the other day by searching for it at – a site my friend recommended to me.