Just another Saturday night — 4 Comments

  1. Heh. yardwork.
    When I moved in here, there was much I didn’t like about the “landscaping” – it all looked liked someones failed attempts at landscaping that they didn’t want to try and fix, as if they were still clinging to hope that it would work out.

    I spent a fair amoutn of money ripping out said “landscaping”. I finally gave up on trying to do the grass part on my own, and hired Trugreen to come out and weed/fertilize/etc I think they come like 6 times a year (?) In January, I wondered why I was paying them the back yard looke like CARP. But now, in early May, I have this thick green carpet of grass in my front yard, and the back is coming right along., bare spots are filling in (even the dug up areas for the deck project) and remember, I have two big dogs. I am impressed! I do nothing but cut and ‘weed whack’., in fact I dont’ even own a sprinkler.

    I have no idea why I just spent 5 minutes talking about my lawn, but there you have it.
    good luck with all that.


  2. Well, when you’ve done yours can you come and do mine? I know this feeling all too well. My property has shitty soil – poor, horrible stuff that rejects water. Nothing but indigenous vegetation grows and I don’t like indigenous vegetation. I’ve dug in over two tons of compost – to little avail. I’ve created beds, though I don’t know why. On top of that if I plant seedlings the squirrels dig them out and the guinea fowl scratch up the lawn. Sigh… And now the winter storms are blowing up a treat and there are leaves and branches and twigs all over the place. Sigh, again. I think I’m just going to call the garden service and let them deal with it!

    Good luck with your yard and I hope, come summer, you can post a pic to show us how all your hard work has paid off!

  3. Adam and I spent two whole days in the garden and all we managed to do was trim two hedges (admittedly they’re bout 20 metres long), whipper snip around the borders and driveway and repot 15 hanging baskets! Next week it’s break out the mulcher and get rid of all the bark that constantly falls off gum trees. Oh,then there’s the pool which has turned into a winter resting place for 20 wood ducks. I need a full time gardener! Hot tip for a healthy lawn . . use really good quality topsoil, the smellier, the better and keep the water up to it.

  4. Jen, You spent five minutes going on about your lawn and I spent a half hour writing a post about my lawn. 🙂 You are also now the third person who told me they use TruGreen. I may go that way if this round of grass seeding doesn’t work.
    AbVan, I took down 5 very large pine trees only to find out that ivy, thistle and weeds are the only thing that’ll grow there. That and my small vegetable garden of last year fed all the local squirrels and deer. This year I’m going to try flowers.
    Technogirly, I wouldn’t mind the yard work so much if I would see some improvement. The bushes and landscaping are looking Ok for now and I know they’ll get better each year but my grass situation may need some serious professional help.