A post with no particular place to go — 6 Comments

  1. I shot people in the face with paint filled projectiles.

    Nothing unusual there.

  2. AbVan, I don’t mean to be rude. I just call ’em like I see ’em. Welcome back!!!
    Reverend B, Paintball is fun but you need to come over here and I’ll take you to a highpower rifle match or to a PPC (Police Pistol, Combat) match.

  3. I’m guessing you asked if she ever quit talking? 🙂 Good for you matey! The receptionists at the Eastern Health Board information desk are exactly like that yoke you described. They give serious attitude if one should dream of interrupting their oh-so fascinating conversation about the various forms of washing-lines out there.

    How did the Podcast go? I was just about to enter a church in Mullingar at that time, to attend the wedding of a complete nutcase of an old friend of ours.

    The rest of the crowd were also mostly complete nutcases, so it was a most excellent party, held in a haunted mansion in the countryside- we had the whole place to ourselves so we felt like lords 🙂 Yes I did see a ghost! Well, that’s to say I heard it say ‘Stop, come back’ very clearly but quietly, and saw a bright fuzziness at the end of a long stone corridor. When I walked towards it, it sort of dissolved, leaving me wondering if I had had one too many bottles of Miller, which is a probably explanation. It’s a pity though, I would’ve loved to have talked to an apparition, this one made the hall feel very lonely and sad but it must’ve been shy for it fucked off. The taxi driver later on told me that others spoke of similar stuff going on before, so this sort of backs up my madness.

    The best part was that we got to meet up with excellent old friends who’d all gone to various parts of the globe to live their lives many years ago, so it all got quite emotional after a few shots of Goldshlager.

  4. Well that was a bit of a diversified ranting . . . hey K8 thanks for putting up a post on Brian’s site! And Brian . . don’t forget to recycle your plastic bottles.

  5. I did reach the bottom of this post and I must say that you need to relax!

    Have a nice weekend 🙂