Instead of using tanks they just took all the children away — 6 Comments

  1. Christian Prophet, I don’t normally allow comments with a bunch of links but for this topic your links are appreceated.
    Sameera, you and me both, sister!!!

  2. Brian I understand the Civil Rights thing but surely it’s better to ensure the protection of even 1 child than leave them in an atmosphere that abuses their innocence. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. As for the Davidians, they called their compound Ranch Apocalypse and David Kalesh was determined to die a martyr’s death and take his followers with him. It was a 50 day seige and the Davidians had an opportunity to parle but chose to fight. Adults made those decisions for the young . . and they were fateful. I wonder if they were a a fundamentalist muslim enclave would you be so outraged?

  3. So Baino, A child is abused in Sydney then according to you all children in NSW should be removed from their parents by the state, just in case. Cut me a break!
    Now to attempt to set you straight, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians lived at “MOUNT CARMEL’ not whatever you called it. They like the FLDS just wanted to be left alone to worship as they wished. The BATF (commonly referred to as the Bureau of Arsonists, Thugs and Felons) used the pretext of gun running and when that didn’t fly they came up with drugs and child abuse. All of which were disproven!!! When they were attacked by the ATF agents in body armor and tanks they defended themselves. There was a 51 day psycological operational siege that culminated with the entire ranch being burned to the ground with everyone in it. After not allowing any firefighters near the place for over 8 hours the ATF then pulled down the Branch Davidian flag and ran an BATF flag up on their flag pole. A clear sign of a military victory.
    If any religon and I mean any religon wishes to shun modern society and live and worship away from the modern world they should be allowed to. We call it religous freedom maybe Oz doesn’t. There has been NO reasonable cause to believe there is child abuse going on there. Just today the rumors of the call to the abuse hotline were found to be true. The call was made from Colorado by someone who neither lives in nor attends the FLDS.
    So what I get from you is that it’s all OK because there MIGHT be some abuse going on there.
    We don’t need proof or reasonable cause, comrade, the state is always right!

  4. Fair play Brian . . .I agreed on the civil rights violation and no, I don’t believe if one child is abused all should be removed although in Australia we have a policy of ‘intervention’ with the aboriginal population where abuse and alcoholism have run out of control – we send in social workers, passive military and teachers to ‘educate’ rather than repeat the mistake of the 30’s and remove children from their indigenous parents. in a tight knit community such as a sect or cult it may be warranted. No religious freedom should allow abuse, forced containment or the concentration of arms. The US probably used the wrong agency to get it’s point across. I repeat, would you be as outraged if this was a fundamentalist muslim, seik or communist group? I doubt it. I’ll watch proceedings with interest to see how it pans out. Isn’t ‘reasonable’ cause a plea for help from sexual abuse from someone inside the sect?

    And if I’m a communist, you’ll have to come up with a new name for the Chinese and North Koreans.