It’s time for another Tea Party — 3 Comments

  1. Hmmm . . .I wonder what the company tax rates are. And why do married people pay less tax or do you mean combined incomes? Tax cuts here led to huge consumer spending which drove up our interest rates. I’d rather see budget surpluses spent on health and infrastructure frankly. I think the ‘helping the rich’ scenario is because no matter what you earn over $125K in the US, the tax rate remains static (same here) and believe me there are plenty of six figure salaries! But you’re right, don’t believe all you read in the papers!

  2. Thats amazing – I did have the idea that Bush had increased taxes on the middle lower classes and given the super rich huge cuts…

    Well are you actually better off under bush? ie are your everyday costs the same as they were in the 90’s? You pay less tax under Bush but has this actaully made you more financially secure?

    Maybe if Bush had never invaded Iraq, everyone would think he was a great guy…

  3. Aw geez! How do I explain the US tax system? Take the most confusing and convoluted thing you can think of and make it ten times as confusing and convoluted and there you have it! Yikes!
    Technogirly, All self employed folk and companies have to submit quarterly taxes and I have no clue what their rates are. Also the percentage of tax burden is the same for someone making 125K and 1.5M. So the number rises but the percentage stays the same. I can also assure you there are more folks on the lower end of the scale that there are on the other.
    Johnny Dodge. Is your nickname, “Chrysler-Plymouth”? yukyukyuk! If you were American that would be really funny.
    To answer your question … Yes, until the past six months when gasoline (petrol) and food prices started skyrocketing. The past eight years have been an almost unprecidented boom. Gas prices have gone through the roof because of commodity trading and the associated greed inherant in that system and food prices because of the sham of ethanol mixed with rising gas prices.