Charles Carter, born Oct. 4, 1923 died April 5, 2008 — 4 Comments

  1. You know what? When I heard about this earlier on, I thought of you. I thought… ‘of all the bloggers I know who will write about this, it’ll be Brian!’

    Would this have something to do with him being a head honcho of the NRA?


  2. Of course it did. He was president of the NRA for 5 years but he also marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and was generally a good guy.

  3. Me too. I always remember him and Burt Lancaster as the last action heroes (gawd, getting old I guess). I think it’s a bit sad that he’ll be remembered for his gun lobbying rather than his acting ability. I mean who can forget Ben Hur, Any Given Sunday or his more esoteric performances such as A Man for All Seasons. He was a great Sir Thomas Moore. My fave . . Soylent Green . . great movie, someone should remake it.