The PC Fascists — 10 Comments

  1. What is it with you Yanks and hating fascism? If Operation Sealion had succeeded, chances are we’d all be speaking German and eating bratwurst.

    Come to think of it, did Bush realise that the Nazis considered Muslims ‘untermensch’ when he came up with the term Islamofascist??

    You Americans … you have too many enemies.

  2. It isn’t you, Brian. It is the .”US”. that is the problem. The exact opposite is true at my work. I can visit commercial sites and “.US” sites, but nothing else. All of the other extensions are blocked!

    Have a bratwurst and chill. 🙂

  3. Geez!
    Imagine my surprise when I posted the Fitna movie by Geert Wilders and received ZERO comments.
    I figured most people had either seen it or already had a preconceived notion of it . Anyways the last thing I expected was to be hung with the moniker of HateMonger.
    Don’t get me wrong I shalll wear it with pride. I am after all a conservative and the National Socialist Thought Police, in this country commonly referred to as the Democrat Party, have seen fit to filter/block me so it is with my love of seeing both sides that I happily accept this label of Hater.
    I want to thank my producer, the writers and all the little people who helped make this such a success.

  4. Herr Damage, Fascism has developed to become a catch-all phrase here for something that is bad and evil. So Demoncrats call me a fascist because I’m not a communist or at the very least a socialist who wants to give all my tax money to the poor and lazy.
    AbVan, Keep reading.
    Baino, I love it!
    JD, I don’t think I’m being blocked and called Hate Speech because of my dot US extension but instead because I posted Fitna by Geert Wilders
    Herr D, Heres another one that gets them. The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots as well.
    Hi Grandad, A friendly discussion of how I became a Hate Monger.

  5. Ahh crap… I can’t watch videos with this sodding dial-up. Dying to see it now though!

    Congratulations on getting promoted 😉

  6. Brianf, finding that your site has been ‘filtered’ as Hate Speech s probably because you have a key word/s in some post that it didn’t like. I doubt it would have been Geerd Wilders although it appeals to the conspiracy theorist withing.

    BrianD just needs to adjust the filtering is all. I’d be blaming his internet provider.

    Didn’t comment on the video because I had nothing to say. I’m sure videos throwing a negative light on islam are banned in their countries as well.

    Its a sad day though when censorship hits the net, one of the last bastions of free speech.