Bishop McDevitt High School — 3 Comments

  1. Progress they say ….. and what they’ll build will come nowhere near the quality of the old school.

    I think the worst of it is the years of memories that will close down with the school … they will eventually fade away.

  2. Ah Brian,nothing more inevitable than change . . we don’t have to like it but it’s as sure as death and taxes.

  3. Change may be inevitable but why can’t they just extend? Both the schools I went to became too small to meet the needs of pupils – so they bought up some more land from adjacent properties and just expanded – leaving all the original buildings and their beautiful architecture in tact.
    This tear down and start again is just all too easy and has become all too acceptable, no respect for what was – must be new and bright and shiny, Rubbish, says I! It’s just a way of saying people won’t take the trouble to think laterally.