Food Processor? — 4 Comments

  1. Grannymar, I know what they are but for $129 I can buy an awful lot of groceries and I can mush up the celery and apples by hand. Your post just made me think of all the electrical gadgets I saw at this store and how utterly useless and expensive they appeared to me.

  2. Brian I actually agree with you. All the expensive gadgets in the world will not make a cook any better.

    I know someone with a great big new build stand alone house. The kitchen has all the whistles, bells and gadgets available on the market. The range style cooker has eight gas rings on top with oil fired double ovens – it is used for heating supermarket prepared food only! What a waste.

  3. You have a point Brian . . but a blender or food processor is the only way to get things super smooth without all the fuss of pushing it through a sieve so a blender is definitely one of my gadgets, plus a pasta maker and a massive fruit/veggie juice extractor and a sandwich press (which was a gift). Apart from that the only necessary tools are an egg slice, wooden spoons, proper measuring spoons and good quality chef’s knives. Doing things the old fashioned way is OK if you have time so I understand why people do go for the gadgets. Bread takes a long time . . a breadmaker you set and forget! (but I haven’t got one)