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  1. I started blogging as an experiment in marketing – and because I was curious. Now I blog for the fun of it and to be connected to people I like and enjoy. When it stops being fun, I’ll stop blogging. Or, when life gets too busy, blogging will take a backseat. But I find if I stop for any length of time, I miss blogging and the people I’ve “met”. It’s a whole community out here and as one blogger put it, people have become my blog friends and blog kin. And that’s pretty cool.

    And do you know what, Brian, your writing and story telling ability has improved hugely over the months you’ve been blogging! Keep going, you might just hit the best seller list and make John Grisham move over! 😉

  2. Who said you were a hack? You’re no hack, buddy.

    This is a pretty accurate breakdown of the blogging world… I’m not sure why I like blogging so much now, all I know is that if you hadn’t commented on my very first myspace blog, I wouldn’t have had the same buzz to entice me over to real blogging. You got me hooked, man!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Brian.

    This whole kerfuffle over blogging is really amusing to me. People seem to act like blogging is some kind of lumbering beast in the hills or something, like its a tangible entity. At the end of the day it’s writing published on the internet! Its words. It has no rules, no boundaries. Nothing should be expected of blogging. Or bloggers. Its great there’s this community that has built up around it, and it should grow. But journalists looking in with scorn amuse me. They’re either scared that their monopoly is threatened or they just don’t get it. It’s words on the internet!

    I think over on Kathy Foley’s blog Grannymar said something along the lines of “Why should bloggers write well??|” and shes right! Its your blog. Put what you like on it.

    Why do I blog? First and foremost I like writing. Its a hobby. Sometimes I write well, sometimes I don’t. But I’m not being paid so I don’t care too much. My personal quality criteria is the Andy Kaufman model; What ever amuses me is good enough. if it entertains me, it goes. If people like it? Bonus. Im not costing anybody money.

    I started blogging by accident. Im into web design and coding, so I started one many moons ago to see if i could set one up and tinker with it under the hood, then I got hooked into the “content” part.

    I’d love to be paid to write, but I’m ok with my little corner of the internet to be honest.

    Reading blogs is one of my favourite past times, and I read daily everyone on my blogroll and beyond. Its just a past time at the end of the day. It can be used for very serious purposes, and lots of great, serious content has and will be delivered through blogs. But its important to keep all this in perspective.

  4. I’m with AV do it when you like and stop when it becomes a chore. What started as a personal journal went public because I wasn’t competent enough to click the ‘private’ button. Then when others start to comment, it’s quite flattering and pleasant. I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts and it beats doing a Shirley Valentine and talking to the fridge! It allows for people to comment straight away (well overnight for me) . . what newspaper article allows you to do that!

    Plus it’s my intention to actually meet quite a few of my bloggers when finances permit. Like today for instance . . . I’m home with the snots but can still connect with people via the blog without passing on my germs! It beats watching telly, provides an outlet for personal and political frustrations, keeps me connected with friends and family and provides entertainment. If you don’t like blogging/bloggers . . .don’t venture into their domain. I don’t care for funnel web spiders so I don’t go round looking under rocks and leaf mulch!

  5. What more do I need?

    A life maybe? Lol … just playin’. Keep up the damn fine work.