What’s so hard to believe? — 7 Comments

  1. So basically its the Maltese Falcon from the movie of the same name? You mean THE maltese falcon…

    So you own a former movie prop?

    Is that what you’re saying?

    Oh – okay then.

    Where did ya get it?

  2. Yo Johnny, Nice to see you pop in. To answer your question….there were two statues used during the filming of the movie. The one seen at the end that gets all scratched up by Kasper Gutman (Sydney Greenstreet) is known to exist and is owned by some movie guy in LA.
    About 15ish years ago I heard about an auction of movie stuff being auctioned. Apparently some company was tasked with cleaning out a bunch of warehouses. I bought an item listed as Statue, Bird, Small, Black. As soon as I saw a photo of it i knew what it was. I have no way of proving if it is really the missing statue but it matches the ones used in the film exactly.

  3. First off, even though it was an auction as soon as I found out about it, I offered them the ‘Selling Price’. I hate to admit that I paid $90USD plus shipping for it. Shipping was something like $50USD because it is very heavy.
    I would consider selling it if someone offered me STOOPID cash money for it, unless it was Tim Robbins or Tom Cruise or someone of their ilk.
    It sits beside my couch and doesn’t eat much. I like it.
    AbVan, It’s my favorite movie….period We can speak about Ford, Fellini, Jarmusch, Kirasowa, Tamahori, et al but this is still my favorite flick of all time.

  4. Whew! That’s a lot more than I paid for mine. If I remember correctly, mine was about $65, and even with shipping it came in under a hundred. Of course, this was about four years ago. Several of my friends in the “San Francisco Hammett cult” each have one, as well. Thery’re a real conversation starter, aren’t they!

  5. Hi Mike! Welcome! I have seen them for sale since buying mine in that price range also. My favorite bit with it is when someone notices it, I simply tell them it’s the Maltese Falcon. Some folks get it and some have no clue.