Which one? — 12 Comments


    I hate the hayabusa…. HATE IT…it’s ugly and awkward and hey! also,
    hayabusa sounds cool but in japanese it means ‘butterfly’ – and you ain’t so cool jetting around on a butterfly…now are you?

    You asked for and now have, my .02.

  2. Oh, actually Jen, hyabusa is a peregrin falcon . . small, fast bird of prey! I agree, a butterfly wouldn’t do at all!

  3. Jen, I’m with ya’. The ‘boosa is ugly. Wrap your ass in fiberglass kinda’ ugly, ya know? The Trip’ does in fact look like a bike should….lean and mean. I borrowed a Trip’ last year for two days. I had a hard time keeping the front wheel on the ground and cars passing me on the highway felt like a challenge. Teehehe! I’m 90% set on the Trip’ and 15% on the ‘Boosa and I don’t know where the extra 5% came from.
    I don’t know though. I may blow off the whole motorcycle idea and get me a Tankchair! That mug looks like it’ll go anywhere I point it. Though I think i would have to wear a CAT Diesel hat while driving it.

  4. Go with the hayabusa for sure… I had a 2006. You’ve never felt a feeling in your life like twisting that grip even HALF throttle… Its unbelieveable. I’ve chosen riding around on my busa at least a dozen times over sex. Its THAT good. I just put down my deposit on an orange and black 2008 as well 🙂 almost 200 horsepower. Best of luck with whichever one you choose!!!

  5. Go with the Speed Triple!!! One of the best looking bikes out there if you ask me. Personaly i think the Busa is way to big and plastic looking.

  6. The Hyabusa though fast, is one seriously uuuuuggggly f’ing bike. Speed triple all the way.