Freeze or I’ll kill your book — 6 Comments

  1. OH bollox. If you hadn’t had the gun in your footlocker in the first place, you’d still be able to read the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galazy and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe without a friggin hole in them!

    PS: Your shelf is very clean. (we anal retentives notice things like that!)

  2. Oh Bof! I don’t keep guns in my footlocker. I keep them much more handy than that and I dusted my mantle just before taking the photo.

  3. If your average schmo was willing to take personal responsibility for their own guns, then I’d be a lot more willing to support gun ownership. But most aren’t, and until “average intelligence” is something higher than your average turnip, I can’t support it. I won’t try and take yours away from you, but I won’t vote for Charlton Heston, either.

  4. Yay Kate! My father used to say “Common sense is extraordinarily uncommon . . .” I suspect he stole it from Oscar Wilde! Same phrase works for ‘average intelligence’.

    Brian: A man who dusts? You old metrosexual you! 🙂

  5. To Kate and Baino…………Pffft!

    Jen, Thanks! So far you’re the only one who has read it in the spirit it was intended.