Episode Three, The Return — 5 Comments

  1. May I suggest a day of meditation – or failing that – medication. You need some peace and quiet and tranquility, young man – there is just way too much pissed Brian stomping around Harrisburg! 😉

    Glad you’re back home safe and sound with your Irish.

  2. Go the curly haired girls!

    Haha “Instant Attitude” that’s the pot calling the kettle black (I think that’s my phrase of the week, used it a few times!) You don’t wanna piss off customs! Don’t they have the TV show “Border Patrol” in your country. Glad you got back safe and sound!

  3. Hey BD, I think you’re the only one who caught my use of it. 🙂

    AbVan, I was tired and ready to be home. Yesterday was a low energy day of mentally settling back in. Today I have a bunch to do.

    Technogirly, I was cool until in ‘The Dam’ the questions went on way too long and in Detroit I didn’t have an attitude until they started in on the thinly veiled questioning.
    They weren’t customs but instead they were the minimum wage slaves we have here disguised as airport security.

  4. When I visited my cousins in Rhode Island I was asked by immigration if I was planning to engage in terrorist acts or was a Communist.

    I was totally tempted to say yes. 😀