Episode Two Post Landing, Part Two — 4 Comments

  1. Aw gee, Brian!! $18,000 for a little ol’ watch for little ol’ me? You shouldn’t have. But I’ll wear it anyway.

  2. Heh! I’ll look out for the tiny gold daisy in the post then, shall I? 😉

    Sounds like, despite the circumstances, you’ve had a good time. They say that Dubai is a place where anything can happen and you can make any dream come true.

    A resident of Dubai apparently recently said to an American visitor: “Look at us this evening sitting at this dinner table. I am from Syria. Your hostess is from Lebanon. That gentleman is from Iran and our friend across the table is from Dubai. You are from America. Where else could all of us sit at the same table in peace? We want a place where we can live in peace. Here in Dubai, we are investing in peace, not just in business. We believe Dubai will not be bombed or invaded. We have all been affected by some war in the Middle East and some of our families are still in war zones. So we have moved our lives and our cultures here. And we are all living here together. More than anything, we want peace and we are willing to work together to accomplish that.”

  3. Grandad, When I saw the Platinum and diamond studded model I immediately thought of you. 🙂

    AbVan, As usual you described it perfectly.
    JD, I hope you don’t mind I got you a couple of boxes of Monte Cristos instead of Cohibas. 🙂