Episode Two, Post Landing Part 1 — 6 Comments

  1. Well you seem to have got over rejection with lightening speed! I’d have been devastated! Clearly you are not telling all or it was nothing like true love in the first place.

    Well I’m glad the trip wasn’t a complete waste and you’re soaking up the ‘culture’. Las Vegas in the Middle East? And you’re lucky it’s not HAWT! ‘I’m meeellltiiiiiiing” I hope you didn’t wear some daggy American T shirt “I’m a shooter and proud of it!” or “Jesus is Alright By Me!”

    And you’re a cheap bastard! Too expensive my foot! That friend is worth every cent! May you get gout and suffer sunburn and have a return seat next to the Christian bikie from Hell who wants to eat your left over aeroplane food (note how to spell aeroplane!).

  2. Please tell me, what should I do? Sit around sniffling and crying? I don’t think so!
    I’m going back to the Gold Souk on Sunday. Cheep bastard am I now? I did state that I have a better idea, roysh?
    By the way the Tshirt I am wearing right now says, York Riflemen Association on it. 🙂

  3. I’ve clearly missed out on who Michele is (was?) but this post makes her seem like a flighty fruitcake – and nobody needs that.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip in a faraway place.

    Oh, and no, you should not sitting around sniffling and crying… not for someone so quick to judge and set you aside. Pffft!

  4. Jeez that Michele sounds like a real wierdo. Unless you were right about her X, and she didn’t want to complicate things with details… very strange lady indeed.

    Maybe, like, karma just like used Michele as a vehicle to get you to discover this maaad new place, like, y’know? Mad, roight?

  5. Hey Jen,
    I’m having a blast. Stay tuned for part two of my post landing adventure and Thanks for the nice words. You put it very well……Pffft! 🙂

    K8, so I’m there Roysh,as long as I’m here I’m here so you know I’m here, roysh? Maaaaad town, roight!
    Post Industrial Surrealistic is another way of putting it.

  6. Oh Brian, I’m so sorry it hasn’t worked out – and after going all that way.

    Now, on a brighter note – what have you bought me in the Gold Souk, eh? A nice gold daisy? 😉

    Enjoy the rest of the time you have there.

    Big hug.