Meme, Shaken not Stirred, Episode 2 — 6 Comments

  1. Brian’s clarification is a bit on the sparse side. It’s true abt the Tequila. I remember one New Years eve all of us were doing shots of Tequilsa and fighting over the worm in the bottle and Brian literally had to stand on the other side of the garage or outside. As for the vodka,,,my dear boy makes it sound like he only called me once that Friday evening, when in fact, In about 10 minutes time I had 4 messages and 3 additional missed calls and we are not counting the ones I actually picked up…aahh leave it to Bri to leave out all the pertinent details 🙂 As far as the sentimental… he’s not… Horse Hockey… ask him when our first date was or when he first kissed me or when he taught me how to shoot…. go ahead ask… I guarantee you he remembers and it was almost 11 years ago.
    I have to take the blame for Cool beans and no biggie but again that ws 11yrs ago and I grew up 🙂

    And yes he is a jerk, it is on his permanent record and it is indeed non-expungeable.. HA!

  2. Wa-ay! A man after my own heart – a clock man who’s not too keen on cats! I LOVE clocks, unfortunately when I got divorced the ex got half so I’ve only got three left. And the swine took the most beautiful four glass French mantle clock that I’d rescued from an auction – it looked like shite but it cleaned up stunningly!

    Oh yeah, and don’t ever talk to me about Southern Comfort!

  3. sen·ti·men·tal
    Function: adjective
    1 a: marked or governed by feeling, sensibility, or emotional idealism b: resulting from feeling rather than reason or thought :sentimental attachment, sentimental favorite
    In less than 24 hours it will have been exactly 11 years since I first kissed you, Michele. It’s been WAY too long since I did last.
    I vividly remember when I taught you to shoot. I would bet that Bob M. remembers too 🙂
    AbVan, French and English clocks are WAY expensive here so all of mine are American except my cuckoo clock. It’s German. My oldest one is an Ingraham Mantel clock built in 1903. Most of my clocks are from the 1920’s

  4. oooh! A nice juicy post before the last eve of the year. Nice.
    I’m done with my tag, Brian, sorry it took so long.

    Happy New Year to you.