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  1. Hey Roosta! Been awhile. I should have put it more along the lines of, Interesting in a I-hope-this-guy-does-better-in-the-primaries-because-his-stand-on-the-issues-are- VERY-close-to-what-I-believe.
    OK, I’ll bite. What makes this guy a lunatic?

  2. Cause he’s a Merkinn? We are all lunatics according to the rest of the world. πŸ™‚

    Jefferson Davis – The most Inquisitively Enamoured Merkin this side of the Atlantic Rubicon! πŸ˜‰

  3. He wants to pull the USA out of the UN for a start. I think that’s crazy!

    I agree with his anti-Iraq war stance though.

    He also eats babies.

  4. OK, so I understand the only way folks around the world will be happy is if we elect a neo-communist french guy as our president but….Geez! This guy believes in limited gub’munt and he believes in the rights of the people! C’mon now, that is what this country was founded on!!!
    Oh, and maybe he like to eat babies too. He never said what kind of babies! πŸ™‚

    BTW, kicking the UN out of NY and having NOTHING whatsoever to do with them is a good thing. Says I. I do, I says.

  5. I think he’s fairly typical of the far right in America. He hasn’t realised that the US is living in a global village now! Brian a lot of the ‘issues’ he stands for (according to his site) are simply not realistic such as his ideas on racism and liberalism. There will never be a reduction in regulation as long as there’s a war on terror and I agree with Roosta, he has some weird ideas on the impact of particularly the UN and the WTO. America is no longer the world power it thinks it is . . and it’s still using protectionism in terms of world trade. Education is limited and poor quality, many Americans are completely ignorant of world affairs and events. It’s time for a liberal government who recognises that they are part of the globe, not the centre of the universe. Well that’s what I think . . for what it’s worth! And we’re ‘little America’ believe me!

  6. OMG! How dare you say Oz-land is little America!!!
    You have Socialized Health Care and Socialized-Gub’mint pensions and a Socialized-gimmie, gimmie type of gub’mint.
    Your gub’mint passes laws IT thinks are good for the masses.
    $12 a pack for cigarettes? Who’s idea was that?
    Geez-Us H Cripes!!! That is exactly what I and we don’t want !!!
    It is past time to rid ourselves of the nanny state. This country was founded on freedom!!! Freedom to sink or swim as you please.
    Ron Paul has NO stand on racism, except that it is wrong.
    Do you read English, Baino? Please tell me where he says that black people or brown people are different from white people? Where? Nowhere!!!!!
    WTF are you reading into it?
    Are you falling into the neo-socialist idea that to secure our border is racist?
    You know securing our borders LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY DOES!!!!
    Maybe the fact that our constitution says our gub’mint should stay the hell out of the peoples business is racist?!?
    Oh, wait maybe the fact that EVERY citizen is free to do as they please, provided it doesn’t interfer with someone else is racist?!?!?!?!?
    WTF are you saying?
    I think you’re saying that we should be a socialist or fascist country like every EU country! Then we can all be subjects rather than citizens!!!

    That’s right, Brian! your gub’mint knows better than you do! It’ll pass laws to keep you safe….from yourself! Horse hockey!

  7. that’s a rather sweeping generalization of EU countries..then again, it seems the American definition of socialism is anything vaguely left.

  8. Haha . . Oh Brian, you’ve given new meaning to the word ‘rant’ now don’t burst a blood vessel! You put him up there for comment and you got some! (None positive I note?)

    Fortunately, we are not yet emulating our American cousins in anything other than gross consumerism.

    Freedom to sink or swim as you please? Do you really think people ‘choose’ to sink? You don’t care about those who are vilified, less fortunate? Do you really believe we all have equal opportunities? That the kid of a crack head has the same options as the preppy son of a country clubber? That the marginalised have the same opportunities as the mainstream? C’mon?

    It’s the duty of the powerful to protect and help the weak and this is what a democracy with a good social security system does. You don’t even have a compulsary vote so your Government is hardly representative of all Americans . . . AND the COST of these political campaigns could reduce third world debt! It’s outrageous the funds raised to put a candidate up for consideration.

    I think it’s important to share the wealth (via taxation), share the opportunity (through free education). Every man for himself and the sink or swim mentality will lead to anarchy.

    Ah and on a trivial note – I never trust a man with two first names . . .Ron Paul, George Michael, Craig David . . .mmmm. Or men who are named after their fathers – shows a lack of imagination George Bush Jr . . .

    And that’s all I’m prepared to say on the subject. (Notice calm tone, correct spelling and no exclamation marks).

  9. Hey roosta,
    you would be surprised at the number of neo-communists there are here. I give my opinion and to me slightly left is too far left for me.
    OK, so you caught me. Rant over. πŸ™‚
    Sink or swim? Yea I do believe it. Lots of people throughout history have overcome adversity to “rise to the top” so yes I do believe we all have the same opportunities.
    “It’s the duty of the powerful to protect and help the weak ”
    Absolutly not!! This is the duty of a communist government not the US government. Please go read our Declaration of Independence and our constitution and please tell me where it says the government is suppose to be a nanny to the people? If I wanted to be kept by the government I’d move to the UK, Ireland or any other EU country.
    Now I’m going to rewrite your next paragraph…..
    I think it’s important to share the wealth (via jobs created by non-taxation), share the opportunity (through jobs created by non-taxation and no government indoctrination ie. public education). Every man for himself and the sink or swim mentality will lead to a limited republic form of government which has been doing OK for the past 231 years but now needs to return to its original stated ideals.

  10. I don’t believe that equal opportunitiy exists but will grant you the last word. I am without doubt a left of centre social democrat and quite happy for my taxes to be used to fund a social security system that helps equalise injustice, provide free education and health to those who otherwise can’t afford it and I can put up with the very, very, small amount of social security abusers to ensure that those who need a leg-up, receive it. Now if you want further argument . . Skype me when I’m feeling robust, um. . .then again . . I don’t think I’m ever going to convince you otherwise so lets agree to differ and talk about beer and cars.