Hey Ireland! It’s all your fault. — 7 Comments

  1. Now quit yer whingen’. When I was little and living in the north of England, it didn’t matter what the weather was like. We were rugged up in our wellies and overcoats, squished into home knit jumpers and mittens, layered with a plastic mac and a sow wester and sent out to play in the fresh air . . .whether it was raining or otherwise. Then, when we came home with no feeling in our extremities, we stripped in the ‘lean to’, were plonked in a real bath (not these piddly 6″ troughs that are installed in new houses today), warmed by the fire and fed beans on toast and hot chocolate. No wonder I have a romantic idea about the cold and the rain . . if it’s any consolation, it’s overcast and afternoon thunderstorms . . .but still 27C. Mind you, our hail is bigger than your hail . . .shameless plug follows thank yer lucky stars you haven’t got these coming down yer chimney!

  2. Ah, no worries mate! Just come down south, where it will be a sunny 25°C (77°F) on the morrow. 🙂 You’ve got Ireland weather and I’ve got Caribbean weather.