Merry Christmas — 2 Comments

  1. Brian we agree! Yaya

    Too right. I am way way way way over political correctness. Did you know that some kindergartens won’t have Nativity Scenes, Santa or even worse, they won’t sing baa baa blacksheep because it’s racist. Pelease! I am not religious but I have a fully trimmed CHRISTMAS tree, I have CHRISTMAS lights and I will be putting up more CHRISTMAS decorations. The silent MAJORITY needs to start activating.

    On another note, here’s an example of the minority dictating policy. Just north of where I live, a poor man lost his life in a motorbike accident. Not his fault. His family erected a tiny plaque on the verge near the accident site to remember him by. A small and innocuous roadside memorial. ONE person complained to the council that this caused a distraction and it was removed . . . ONE FUCKING PERSON! This must stop. Majority rules OK.

  2. Oh, don’t get me started!
    Everywhere you turn around here there are little crosses, on the side of the road, to commemorate someone killed by a so called ‘Drunk Driver’. Gawd, I hate that!
    If I die on a highway or byway I want a great whopping billboard erected telling everyone that I was killed by a SOBER Driver!!!
    I personally think that the DUI laws around the globe have gotten out of hand.
    how the hell are we suppose to get home from the pub? Huh? Huh?
    My general feeling is that if you’re drunk and cause an accident…well, then you’re screwed. If you’re on your way home from the pub and not bouncing off parked cars then…Go on and git…but be careful!
    This whole, “you’ve been drinking but are driving OK, but we’re taking you to jail anyway and taking away your license and charging you Thousands of dollars is, is, is … Horse Hockey!