Thanksgiving — 3 Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Brian! 🙂

    I had a bloke ask me today why we (i.e. the place where I work) wouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving. I asked, “Are you going to be workin’?” With a confused glare breaking his bleak countenance, he answered, “No, why would I?” And, I demanded, “Then, why would I?” God, don’t get me started on these freaking people. I reckon most of these commercialised feckers come from New York though! Who else could be soooo obnoxious???

    Yeah, I have fond memories of the Davis’, Rainey’s, McCoy’s, Simpsons, Murray’s, Williams, Hendrix’s, and Watkins’ consuming massive amounts of Turkey. Then, the old geezers would recline back and watch a football game (Dude, my grandfather was a huge Notre Dame fan. He’d break a can of cranberry sauce on anyones head that was stupid enough to pull for the opposing team.), while us kids would play tag or another game where I usually got pounded.

    Grandmothers hovering around the stove, daring the kids to touch anything, yet we did anyway. Candied Yams are best when forked (stolen) out of a scorching hot oven pan. 🙂 Don’t get me started on blackberry cobbler, apple pie, and pecan pie!!! 🙂


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Brian. It sounds very much like our Christmas Celebrations and the ensuring Boxing Day sales. We just have to ignore all the commercialism and make the day our own. Hope you had a good one with your sis and family.