First Snowfall of the Year — 4 Comments

  1. Be ashamed for leaving that poor flag out in the cold. You should have it hanging near the fireplace. 🙂

    I wish we got “Real” snow down here. All we ever get is ice, with the occasional mix of wet snow. However, when I was a kid we got a lot of snow, even in the spring. I remember the snow being over a foot deep on my birthday, which is in the middle of March. 🙂

    (Jefferson moseys o’er to his freakin’ heat vent to warm his bones,) 🙂

  2. It’s absolutely pissing down every day here. Cold November Rain. Have you made a snowman yet? Go out there and make us one and put him on as an addendum.

  3. Nyer . . 30 degrees celsius here. Bloody hot and I’m not liking it. Send your snow and ice my way. When you’re cold, you can always warm up . . .when you’re hot . . .you’re hot and a sweaty brow and upper lip is never attractive. *wipes beaded forehead* and it’s only 0700!

  4. Hey JD, It’s a storm flag. It’s allowed to be out in the cold. I have a note from it’s mom.
    K8, By Tuesday it was gone. Welcome to PA, Don’t like the weather, wait a day, it’ll change.
    Baino, Welcome home! It’s already up to 288.7 DEGK here today and tomorrow is suppose to only get up to 277.6. Crazy weather…..I’ll take 303.15 degrees any day.
    I’d rather sweat than shiver!