Tokyo Rose? redux — 4 Comments

  1. They’re not the only ones Brian:) The nazis told the German people that they had to attack Poland and France to prevent them from striking first. They also told them that their ‘enemies’ resented germany’s freedom and prosperity. Which is also sounds pretty familar. Their generals even used these excuses in their defence at nuremberg.

    Re. those main ‘messages’ – Your President lying – well every politian tells lies. Goes whatout saying really.

    The war was illegal? Well maybe not considered so in US – but every other country in the world didn’t join as it was… well, illegal – there was no direct threat to the US from Iraq. They did have alot of oil however.

    Cannot ‘win’ the war… well I thought you guys did win the war – you went in, kicked ass and got rid of saddam. Its the concequences of that victory thats causing problems. Some think it would be better if you got out now and leave the iraqis to it – others think it would be better if you stuck around… keep an eye on that oil. Make sure someone doesn’t try and steal it. hey I dunno what you should do – its your mess – you sort it out.

    Hey, it all a mixed bag. Don’t really buy the ‘liberials stealing propaganda ideas from the Japs’ thing – propaganda is propaganda whereever it comes from.

  2. Hey, Johnny Dodge. How goes, bud?
    Whatever you may think of this war the whole point here is how the left in this country has abandoned any idea of actually winning. Give up and attempt to appease at any cost is the mantra of the the neo-communists in this country.
    No-one seems to remember all the UN resolutions that were drafted and passed before the invasion. If my memory serves me correctly there were more than 20ish of them. Once again, the world saying, ‘Please don’t be a meanie and if you are we’ll waggle our finger at you’. So my president stood up and said….enough. This is where most everyone else ran and hid under their beds.
    War is a horrible thing but sometimes it is both inevitable and necessary. Had enough other countries stood firm with us this would have been over quite a few years ago but alas, once again the majority of the worlds gub’mints either don’t or can’t stand behind what they say and that sucks…a lot.

    Is é Dia amháin a thabharfaidh breithiúnas orm

  3. ná bíodh aon dul amú ort faoi, ná bíodh dada dá sheachmall ort; 🙂 Translate that. 🙂

    “Is é Dia amháin a thabharfaidh breithiúnas orm”. Only God shall judge them???

  4. Hey JD…..translate this……Oh, fork you and fork you and fork ya’ll and….Sit-y-ashion and durdalurdalurdalur, Oy’ fork that!