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  1. Ah you rehasher and recycler! (I guess that’s a good think in an environmental way)

    A fellow blogger sent me this which is very interesting

    It’s important to remember that information can only be gathered if you willingly provide it. Put too much on, download too many apps, post the wrong photos and you become part of a wider database. You can always hit the ‘ignore’ button and reject unwanted attention.
    However, It can be fun and it keeps me in touch with younglings near and far. I can check out what they’re doing and they can contact me without having to remember an email address and I don’t mind that people chuck a sheep at me ocassionally or write on my superwall. It’s all fun! Moderation in all things.

    Sack your Donk?

  2. Brian, you have hereby officially qualified for the “Old Fart of the Year” award. 🙂 What was wrong with being a werewolf, I ask you? You have no idea the amount of fun I’ve had biting people and nibbling their necks. Of course, one has to enjoy a wee bit of kinky, I suppose!

    I echo Baino, though, it’s fun, but as in all things, Moderation – and common sense, which is, I guess, a lot less common than most suppose!

  3. at least flowers received were acknowledged and emails were responded to thru the application and some people overseas are in countries without postal addresses, skype is blocked, phone calls are almost as expensive as rent….. so it was a good way to keep in touch in a relatively less boring way.

    It works fine for most people who don’t seem to take offense to every little bit of creativity.

  4. Technogirly, I can seem to remember email addys and the whatnot in the same way I can remember my credentials to log into an app like Faecebook. There are enough ways to stay in touch without it.
    AbVan, “Old Fart of the Year”. I think I like that. It’s got a good ring to it. Though I’m only been nominated. Where can I vote for myself?
    OF, receipt of flowers acknowledged, memo sent. that’s my point!
    Creativity? The email addy you put it is creative. An article about Rio de Janero or a Honda motorcycle is creative. Faecebook isn’t. The guy who created Faecebook was creative. Using the app is more lemming like than creative. Cooking a tasty meal is creative as is making a class engaging and fun for the students.

    So it appears that I don’t like these so called social-networking applications. They seem to me to be childish. Now there’s nothing wrong with being child-like from time to time but both MySpace and now Faecebook just get up my nose and I don’t see the need for either of them.

  5. obviously taste is highly subjective…. lots of people say the same thing abt self grandizing blogs.

  6. Taste is subjective, really? 🙂
    Are you insinuating that some folk don’t like my small bit of this blogosphere?
    I’m crushed. Just because it’s all about me and me and a bit about me too?
    Well you just pop back and read the post that is currently fermenting in my noggin. I hope to have it finished later this evening. Hopefully it’ll make you laugh.

  7. Nope not really …again typical American holier than thou thinking that the rest of the world should cowtow to their inane sense of judgement and standards.

  8. Hey OF, lighten up!
    It’s a joke. A funny thing.
    It’s not Merkin thing or even a EU thing.
    It’s a freakin’ HUMAN thing.
    Jayzus! It’s a forking humorarse thing!!!

  9. Hey Technogirly!
    Throw me a sheep and I’ll send it off to live with Ernie the South African sheep and Sabina the American goat.