Happy Anniversary to me! — 6 Comments

  1. Oo Oo Oo Oo . . .I know . . . they built an old shed where your trees used to be!

    You’ll need a nice screen for that now! Camelias are pretty . . .

  2. There were five extremely large pine trees there yesterday. Two of them were about a yard in diameter. They were all about 100 to 130 feet tall. I have wanted them gone since I moved in. I also bought a new flag to fly out front . I am beside myself happy in having those monster trees gone. Now next spring I’ll grind the stumps to below ground level and lay some top soil down and re-seed the area for grass. For the first time since I moved in I now get direct sunlight in my bedroom. I’ll shut up now because I am so happy to have them gone I could go on and on.
    🙂 Happy Me!

  3. Brian,
    Congrats on the anniversary, and on the landscaping. Looks awesome.
    I’m getting ready to do the very same thing ’round here.. ‘cept it’s Holly bushes I’m after, who thought these were a good idea? Constant trimming and more bees than you can count… deeeeelightful. Not.

    Enjoy your sunshine – tonight being the end of DST, every hour is precious.. so enjoy it.