Winter in repose or is it response? — 10 Comments

  1. “nylon fishnet” Please tell me you don’t wear fishnet stockings under your longjohns or I will be afraid . . .very afraid!

  2. TechnoGirly,
    Do you know the use of the comma?
    Though to answer your question, When I go hunting in late November or February, I wear a pair of knee high nylons under my cotton socks which are under my wool socks which are under my gore-tex boots. And yes, anyone who has hiked in the Yukon knows you wear fishnet under your clothes! Geez! Oh that’s right! You have no clue how to dress for winter!

  3. Dude, I got two A1s in Honours fucking English, so don’t you dare question my knowledge of my mother tongue.

    You Yanks murdered English and continue to violate the corpse on a daily basis, so think about why people in glass houses can’t throw stones …

  4. An addendum to the above:
    What a lucky little mug I am. I am. I am
    That my ginger friend, is use of fragmented sentences whereby the use of the comma would have been more grammatically correct and aesthetically pleasing.

    Ergo, checkmate.

  5. Dazzo, Lighten up dood.
    My comment was to Baino but now that you broached the subject, you too should read what I wrote rather than what you want to read.
    The sentences in question are as follows.
    What a lucky little mug I am.
    I am.
    I am, says I, I do.
    They are both aesthetically pleasing and grammatically correct.
    Ergo, Set, Match, Game!

  6. In future … I will write in Polish.
    Oh no you didn’t!

    znakomita służba (serwis) zaopatrywana (zapewniony) przez ten Język angielski do Polskiego mówcy miał być decentem.