What kind of Web-Journalist are you? — 7 Comments

  1. Me too – Purist, Young Upstart, Undiscovered. That makes me feel like a new green shoot of grass about to be mown down by the mower of blogging reality. I’ve been at this for 18 months or so though so I feel bit more like a woody sapling not yet felled by the DR Field & Brush Trimmer of blogging ennui. I still loves it, so I do.

  2. I’m a Purist Expert Socialite – ha! Works in the real world too . . As for me being a .”Web Journalist”. I think not baby puppy . . .rambling blitherer more like it!

  3. 1 a : a person engaged in journalism b : a writer who aims at a mass audience
    2 : a person who keeps a journal
    Some of us don’t like the word blog, like me.
    Some od us don’t like to be called a blogger, like me.
    Some of us call our blog a Web Journal, like me.
    Some of us don’t succumb to the latest misuse of our language, like me.
    Some of us realise that there are more than one definition to a word, like me.
    Some of us don’t allow CNNABCSKYCBSBBCNBC to define our language, like me.
    An’ ya’ no sum a us like just dig R words, doods!

  4. And some of us, like you, make up perfectly cromulent words. Interweb? Embiggialise?

    I never heard of those words before.