I Hate Winter — 6 Comments

  1. I love the cold. I want a white Christmas and a hot Christmas dinner, warm egg nog and to feel that crunch of snow beneath my feet and condensation billowing from my lips. I want a rug in front of a crackling fire and hot chocolate with a marshmallow. I want to feel toasty under a duvet with a cold nose . . . maybe not, that sounds a bit like my dog! You could always move to Sydney in the summer and burn to a crisp with the other tourists.

  2. LOL! Very good Brian and very funny. Of course, given that we don’t get those kind of winters, I’m totally with Baino on this. I love fires and heaters and marshmallows and hot chocolate and rugs and books and hibernating. I love sweaters and scarves and gloves and coats. I love building snowmen, skiing, ice skating and scrunching through snowdrifts. I love the silence that snowfalls bring. Of course, I only ever get to experience this on holiday so it seldom lasts more than two weeks. How I’d cope for four to six months, I’ve no idea – but, I do live in rhythm with nature, so I guess I’d just become bearlike and sleep a lot!

  3. You poor baby! You cold and shivering? Two words: layering. Just put on some more sweaters, man! Where do you live? Try Norway… there’s a winter for you. 🙂 OK but I do know what you mean though. I hate the cold! A winter without tons of snow really sucks. All you get is the yucky parts, the cold, the wet, and the freezing, without any of the pleasant parts that baino and vanilla are fantasizing about… little do they know that’s not the real story for most of winter unless you go waaay North, and even then, by the time it has dragged on for months and months you’re so ready for some sunshine you’d do just about anything. You know, the cold never bothered me as much back home as it does here in the windy humidity of the mid-west. Back there it’s a dry cold that lets you withstand much lower temps with less discomfort – well, and then of course you dress completely different all winter long. You get up with the expectation that it IS really cold and you prepare carefully, starting with long layers next to the body: longjohns or tights under your jeans, long undershirt, regular shirt and sweater under your coat. That’s your armor every day, and it does a pretty good job of warding off that pesky cold. Around here we got this humid cold that pierces to the bone, but it usually doesn’t last long enough for us to realize we have to take measures to protect ourselves against it – and then we act all bitchy and offended, like the cold somehow violated our Personal Freedom to keep dressing like it’s 70 degrees outside… Well, at least I do! 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for not giving up on my blog… I finally updated a little here recently, and will be back more frequently… now that winter is almost upon us and all you can do is snuggle up inside for a few months 🙂

  4. See, I miss all that. I love to be out in the wild wet lashing weather, I love the red cheeks and the whipping wet hair and the snotty nose of it. And then coming in to a warm house, a hot bath, cocoa and buttered toast and listening to the wind howl round the chimney.

    I lived in Minneapolis for 4 years and that just plain hurt but I miss wild weather out here in Californya.

  5. OK, now I’m beginning to feel like I did when Debbie Schlussel wrote me an email. Look at this shit! I got comments from all my favorite writers. There’s Helen, and AbVan and Hanulf and Sam too! What a lucky little fucker I am. I am. I am, says I, I do.
    Helen, This kid went to Uni in Tucson. I know all about getting a sunburn on Christmas day. Yea! you too AbVan. We use to drive up top of Mt. Lemon to have a snowball fight before driving home to go swimming. It was a Christmas day ritual.
    Winters here are as long and drawn as summers are in Southern Arizona.
    Hanulf, I got a bit bummed out this morning as I was getting dressed. You see, like you I know all about layers. Nylon, fishnet, long Johns, Long underwear, T-shirt, long sleeved shirt, flannel shirt, sweater, rain coat, winter coat and that doesn’t take into account the hands or feet or head.
    I also know exactly what you mean about the difference in winters. By February, I will go about on foot in a sweater, touk and jeans despite the fact it’s -10DEGF outside. Everyhting is frozen solid and has been which makes the humidity rating around zero and it’s quite nice out by then. I’ve been known to be out cutting wood for the fireplace then, in a T-shirt, though when I stop it becomes really, really cold all of a sudden. I still hate winter. Why, you ask? Because I can’t wear shorts and Hi-tops and because I can’t work in my garden nor can I slowly cook a piece of dead cow, pig or trout on my grill while lazing in my folding chair while overlooking my domain and complaining about the humidity…and swatting mosquitos.
    Sam, I’m with you about 3/4’s of the way!
    The wind whipped, wet, snot filled, nasty can be a blast…for about 5ive minutes. then I’ve had it. It’s off to the warm cocoa and fireplace for me. Where did I leave that book? Where is my buttered toast? Would someone please put another log on the fire and hand me the banjo? This I say and this I say is the way it is

  6. COLD = EVIL.
    Come south my friend.
    The “coldes” it was last year was… maybe 30 ish at night, during the day back to the fifites. Oh YEAH.

    I am done with the cold.

    And if you insist on staying, pour a little Vanilla Stoli into your hot chocolate – this you will not regret.