Mental Training by Dick Whiting, part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. I hear you about instantly forgetting the losing part.

    Not knowing much about shooting, I’m going to equate it to poker, for the craic.

    When I lose a hand or a bunch of consecutive hands, even though I’m trying to forget about it, I can’t. Apparently when a person fails something, a chemical is released in the brain to actually make you feel like a loser, thus dampening your chances for success in the near future.

    If you win though, you get a great rush of endorphins that increases your chances of winning in the future. It’s been like that since the dawn of time, relating to dominance and territory I think.

    So all’s I’m saying is that if you miss a shot, it’s increadibly difficult to ignore the sinking feeling you get. It’s your body telling you you’re a loser! Doesn’t seem fair really, does it?!

    I LOVE freehand pencil drawing. ESPECIALLY on walls.

  2. Hi Puppychilds Mom!!
    Give her a great big hug for me and tell her a Happy Happy Birthday from the wierd American guy.
    Putting shit aside is always something I have been able to do. The guy Dick speaks of I know and when he shoots a 9 everyone and their brother shall know he’s done . Because of this guy, I have learned to shoot 88 matches in one match. Know what I mean? It’s an 88 shot match so each and every shot I take I consider a match in and of itself. Each shot I take is a singularity. The next one I shoot is just that…….the next one. To me it doesn’t matter what came before. I am the master of my tools. My tools in this case just happens to be a rifle and cartridge.
    It really is a ZEN kinda’ disipline. Most riflemen won’t admit this unless it’s to another shooter. Most of them don’t get it but ya’ know what? It really is. You’d enjoy it!
    For 10 years now I have been a member and have looked up to the founding fathers of the ZEN Shooting Team .
    Our slogan is… Be the Bullet!