Shopping — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, I also get pretty emotional when thinking about grocery shopping.

    Nothing like the domestic detergents aisle to make a man feel masculine.

  2. Do not rub in the fact that just when Wegman’s moved to No. Va I moved 350 miles away. THAT is not.very.nice.

    Happy stove shopping.


  3. Grannymar, How about some bagels, creme cheese and Nova Lox.
    Guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow
    AbVan, Geez! I almost forgot. My local is Murphys Home Center. It’s one of those old timey hardware stores with saw dust on the floor, in case you need to spit and stuff stacked to the ceiling with ladders laying around so you can get to the stuff on the top shelves. You know the kind of hardware store where the old guy working there has been there since you were nine years old and is still there. I still go in there, get what I came for and leave lest I leave there wondering how I’m now going to pay the water bill.
    Daz, Grocery stores are just great big rooms full of FOOD!!! How can one not love them?
    Cravey, sorry about that…….but you know, yes you know……Wegmans Rocks!

  4. Awww . . . I hate shopping . . .especially grocery shopping . . . I am a fan of Bunnings tho! Go in for some glue . . come out with a new kitchen. “DOH”

    PS: can I come over for breakfast please.

  5. Shopping is not my favorite thing either.

    Even for things I really enjoy, like yarn or chocolate, I tend to be fairly direct and straightforward with the process, and then I go home. I like to think that means I’m a good *shopper*, just not a good *browser*.