8:15 pm EDT tonight — 6 Comments

  1. Here we go with that whole World Cup thing again. Grown men running around in short pants is a game, not a sport!

  2. I have to tell you, we have a non pc little joke down here – black South Africans love watching rugby – 30 white guys running around a field beating the shit out of each other.

    As for it not being a sport, let me tell you sport, for us girls watching 30 blokes running around a field in short shorts is great sport!

  3. Fair play to you!
    That is the only reason anyone might want to go watch a soccer game. ZZZZZZZ(!) if you ask me!
    I’m much more of a baseball fan but Football is a great way to waste a perfectly good Sunday afternoon.

  4. Hooray! The Phillies won!

    I’d go out and get drunk only I have absolutely no idea why I’d be celebrating!