FOOD — 5 Comments

  1. Good to see yous eatin’ yer spinach Popeye! I wish I could have joined you, I’m home alone again tonight staring at a fridge full of resources and no inclination to turn them into anything epicurean. If you can think of something yum involving chicken wings, rocket, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and apricot nectar . . let me know. I think I’ll just have a cheese and tomatoe toasty! (I love rare steak . . riddled with guilt but it tasts sooo gooooood!)

  2. 1) Wow, I didn’t know that Grandad had dibs on the word Jaysus, considering it’s Irish colloquial slang. Guess I’ll have to start paying him royalties …

    2) Is there really a town called Jim Thorpe?

    3) What the fuck is Stoli? Scotch?

  3. Stoli my young friend is Stolichynaya Vodka . . .good for cleaning the insides, stripping paint, starting fires, powering engines and mixing with Bollinger for a bit of a kick!

  4. If you had paid the 7.50 for the stoli at the first place and kept it up you woulda never noticed the lousy food.. you might however have left melody your dental impressions.

    Glad it worked out in the end..