Sunday, week three — 5 Comments

  1. Andy Reid is an Irish soccer player … as the best we have, I certainly wouldn’t be cursing him.

    They actually won. Fuck, i don’t even know what sport it is, but at least they won.

  2. Football. Real football not soccer. Andy Reid is the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a blow out! The Eagles looked like the great team they are. They ran all over the Lions. The Lions tried, they did, but the Eagles are back on track for the Super Bowl.
    Fly Eagles Fly!!!

  3. Aw pish . . real football! it’s armoured combat not footy . . . see how well they go without the shoulder pads and helmets.

  4. That Baino, is rugby. American football without the wussiness.

    Even if Ireland have been surprisingly shite of late.