Which town do you wish to visit? — 11 Comments

  1. It is funny. This week I’ve been to Panic, then I went to Desire and next week I’m hopeful of Paradise . . .is there a city called Escape? . . .I’d like to go there right now! Beats the shit out of Kickamoocow, Rooty Hill and Tittybong

  2. My dear fellow virtual travelers, Our language has failed me in this post. I really did almost crash my car because I was laughing! Then it dawned on me that maybe I just wanted to see it and in fact I had not. Squealing tires and Joey Chitwood kinda’ manuevers later….(hey, it’s the country. they’re use to it.) I had turned my car around and wound that little Honda motor up. I returned only to find that it was true. Then, just for the craic, I repeated my Joey Chitwood style about face. (you would have thought I was a Boy Racer) With near tears of laughter in my eyes I walked the 75 yards to the sign and snapped some photos.
    I swear I didn’t stop giggling about it until later this day. As I recounted it to the folks I was working with today (in DuBois) I could barely keep a straight face.
    And this is from the guy who lives less than an hour from Intercourse, Blue Ball and Bird-in-Hand. I’m not kidding! They are all in Lancaster county.

  3. See, I would have guessed that it’s Desire first, then Paradise, then Panic (i.e., a home-pregnancy test or a trip to ye olde clinic)… but clearly I was misinformed.

  4. I LURVE it that you travel through desire and minutes later hit panic..there is something oddly appropriate about that.


  5. HAHAHAH I live in DuBois.
    those towns are all amish,
    and the funny part is there are town wierder then that:
    and alot more.
    I Love PA

  6. Thanks for posting this – we drove past this sign (well, its southbound equivalent, actually) last week and I wanted to get out and take a pic but my wife always looks at me so weird when I do stuff like that 🙂

    Here’s the street view link – – a little fuzzy on the names in Google’s pic though.

    The only moderately name I can give you from my neck of the woods is “Punkeydoodles Corners”. Posting a picture of the sign is difficult since it is usually in a state of having “just been stolen”.

  7. My Gram was born in Desire, way back in 1879, My Aunt Minnie told us that Panic got ots name because every year there was a picnic naer by and everyone would run in a “panic” to get the best spot, There is also weedville, the soil was terrible, all you could grow was weeds!!! These are little stories our elders told us when we were little, I don’t know how true they are, but it was fun to listen to them!!!!