Way Wired After Midnight — 8 Comments

  1. Oh come on . . .spit it out . . . what were you attempting to explain? What do you believe in? Not more monkey jungle sex with ubiquitous actresses I hope? You know I’m a curious soul . . .

  2. Whaaaa? What? It kinda’ speaks for itself. It’s about a conversation that took place about 5 years ago. BTW….the line is CRAZY Monkey Jungle Sex

  3. I realise this is the first time in many a harvest moon that I have commented, but I had to say:

    What the fuck are you smoking??

    And if you say ‘A spliff full of love’ I will come over there and challenge you to a duel.

  4. Doood,
    It’s a poem.
    It’s about an attitude.
    It’s not about love or anyone in particular.
    It’s kinda’ like a joke……not funny if you have to explain it.
    It’s about me!

  5. Ah … I see …

    So you are Tom Waits …

    Then I must be Kurt Cobain! Those thousands of idiots who say I’m alive are right!