A hijacked post — 5 Comments

  1. Actually, it’s 11 but who’s counting….. (another point on the permanent record)
    I can’t come home yet….you need to come here first and see if it is still what you believe, then and only then can I begin to consider any possibilities.

  2. I tell you, these interspecies relationships are tricky… but at least you both speak the same language – baa-baa black goat funny kinda wool…
    But you need to see what happens when goats and sheep shack up…
    see this and see this
    Of course, speaking as an alien chicken from a distant planet my take on this is simple – you’re all earthlings ultimately, so you have plenty in common. If one of you was a Draconian and the other a Romulean, then I’d say forget it, you’d be in for too much trouble. And as my dear departed Aunt Aggie used to say, you can’t fight that lovin’ feelin’. Love rules.
    With pecks and flutters – Atyllah the Hen, Chicken with Attitude.