Quote of the day… — 2 Comments

  1. Different people, different backgrounds, different ideals… We walk in different doors at the beginning of the day, and we walk out of different doors at the end of the day. But when it is time to go out on that field, we all go through the same door.

    Scott Bruce Rolen
    Philadelphia Phillies

    Bit like bloggers really?

  2. My favorite Phillies quote is fron John Kruk. He was one of the famous, “Wild Bunch” from the early 90’s Phillies teams.
    In spring training, at the end of the practice day, he and Pete “Inky” Incavelia were standing just outside the clubhouse smoking cigarettes. The Krukster was accosted by a lady who who told him, as a professional athlete he was not setting a good example to kids by smoking. He turned to the woman and said his infamous line that he will always be remembered for……Lady, I’m not an athlete! I’m a Baseball player!