My eyes are now opened — 5 Comments

  1. Jeez my travel options are being limited by the day. So now the US and Ireland are off limits. Where can I go with my backpack and brow dwelling sunnies? Thank God for Dodge and Vanlla . . . I think at the very least you should bag ’em, tag ’em and ship ’em home!

  2. I wonder who would pull the first trigger if Grandad & Brianf came face to face.

    I have a funny feeling the pistols would be loaded with Jameson Irish Whiskey!!!!

  3. Grannymar – Brian and I are friends.
    I would greet him with open arms.
    I would shake him by the hand.
    I would havd a pint of Guinness and a chaser of Jameson with him.
    We would catch up on gossip.

    Then I’d shoot him.

  4. Tourism is a terrible threat. It hits here every year around Christmas time. All the locals have to go undercover. This is not an unwise move as one year the tourists blew up Planet Hollywood. What has the world come to.

    Grandad – I like your style.