Hi, my name is Brianf and I’m a Thrunk! — 11 Comments

  1. I used to think then I realised that if I thought, therefore I was but I didn’t know what I was so I stopped thinking.

    Funny snippet . . what’s wrong with the Democrats?

  2. Thank you so much for that post. It has opened my eyes.
    You have made me realise that I too am a thrunk.

    I used to kid myself that the odd bit of thinking was no harm, and that I could give it up anytime. But your post made me think.

    Yes. My name is Grandad and I am a thrunk.

    Thank you so much Brian for making me realise the wretch that I am.

    I’d add more to this, but I’d have to think. And I have given that up now…..

  3. I think therefore I am not…?
    I am a thrunk – and proud of it! I relish my thrunkdom! Now hand over the Nietzsche, Sartre and Wittgenstein since you no longer need them!

    BTW – why the Democrats…? I thought it was the Republicans who embraced non-thrunks to their burly bosoms… Deeply and existentially confused now… I shall have to ponder this…

  4. Yeah, dude. I hear you. I hate it when people say.. ‘penny for them?’, because there is no such thing as a clear one-directional thought. I reply with stuff like.. “What am I thinking? I was wondering if halitosis is contributing to global warming and that there really is no solution to chewing-gum stuck in hair, and also that ‘brown noise’ is totally overrated.” I get called a weirdo but at least I don’t get asked twice.

    Did you ever see the South Park episode where Kyle decides to study Confucianism and suddenly states: “That’s it! I’m a figment of my own imagination and I don’t really exist!!” At which point he dissapears with a POP. Sweeet.

    Thinking too much is very good for the metabolism. Don’t be ashamed.